110 years ago today - May 29, 1913; Thursday

Bro[ther]. McKay said that Dr. Winship told him that the Latter-day Saints Sunday schools were ahead of the Sunday Schools in the world with the possible exception of the German Lutheran Church of New York and Philadelphia [Pennsylvania], who use text-books and have a graded system. Dr. Winship also spoke in a very complimentary way of the leading brethren of the Church whom he had met. He said he had delivered several addresses in the east favorable to the Mormon people, his most recent address was in Chicago [Illinois], speaking to a gathering of artists, on which occasion he told the artists that no one county in the United States had produced so many musicians, sculptors and artists as one county in Utah. he also told them that even now the man who had won the musician's prize of $1000, was a Mormon, named Shepherd, which brought forth applause from them. ...

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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