180 years ago today - Aug 20, 1842

The Twelve carry out their decision of August 8 and excommunicate Orson Pratt [for insubordination related to his wife's claim that Joseph Smith had propositioned her while he (Orson) was on a mission)] and his wife [Sara for adultry, supposedly with disaffected assistant president John C. Bennett]. Amasa M. Lyman is ordained to the apostleship in Pratt's place. John C. Bennett is officially deposed as chancellor of the University of the City of Nauvoo. (Pratt will be reinstated into the Twelve on Jan. 20, 1843.) The high council of Nauvoo decides to divide the city into ten wards with a bishop over each. (This does not take place until Dec. 4, 1842.)

[Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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