145 years ago today - Aug 24, 1877

Questions submitted to President Young

1. At what age can children have their Endowments? If of a naturally ripe and early development of mind and body as early as twelve years. but as a general rule fifteen years old is ear early enough. ...

5. Shall children born outside of the Marriage relation, and who are dead, be sealed to their father, or to their Mother? They should be sealed to the one who has received the Gospel and lived it.

6. Are children who have been born to parents who have been sealed. but not had endowments, born in the covenant, or will they have to be sealed to their parents? They will have to be sealed to their parents.

7. How Young may a dead female be sealed to a husband? Not too young; say not less than ten or twelve Years. ...

9. Is a woman who has been born out of the covenant and who is married, to be sealed to her husband and his family, or to her own parents? She should be sealed to her own parents, unless they Yield up their right to her as a daughter, and wish to surrender her to some other family.

10. Shall the Work done for the dead in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City, be done over again in the Temple? No.

11. Can a brother or sister who has received Endowments in Salt Lake City or in Nauvoo, have the privilege of passing through the degrees in the St. George Temple, and if so, are they to be clothed with Temple clothing, or in the ordinary manner? They may have the privilege of passing through as visitors; and not wearing Temple clothing.

12. Can an Indian Woman, who is in good standing in the church. receive her endowments and have her children sealed to herself and husband (a white man) also in good standing. Yes. ...

14. Can a person demented by fits, or other cause, have anything done in Temple Ordinances for him while living? No. such persons are not held accountable.

15. If a person die without having had endowments, is it well to bury them in garments without marks? Such person May be buried with garments. if their friends choose. but not Marked nor with robes or other Temple clothing. . . . Is it proper to seal a Woman that has died out of the Gospel and who was never Married; to a man who died out of the Gospel, they being unknown to, or not having any claim on each other in this life. Yes. where the dead have been Known to be good and Moral, give them this privilege. There may be cases when it would not be proper, but upon general principles it would-- all women as well as men will be judged for their Acts.

[Diary Excerpts of L. John Nuttall, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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