190 years ago today - Jun 6, 1832

While staying in Greenville, Joseph writes a very personal letter to Emma, stating that he has visited a grove just out of the town almost daily to "give vent to all the feelings of my heart in meditation and prayer I have Called to mind all the past moments of my life and am left to morn [and] Shed tears of sorrow for my folly in suffering the adversary of my Soul to have so much power over me as he has had in times past but God is merciful and has forgiven my Sins and I rjoice that he Sendeth forth the Comforter unto as many as believe and humbleeth themselves before him. . . .

[Brigham Young University Studies (various issues), Su '71, 517-20; for other personal notes by Joseph Smith, see Ensign (various issues), Ap '77, 11; Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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