140 years ago today - [circa 27 June - 7 July] 1882

[Revelation to John Taylor]
... I will make use of the Kings of the earth, And the rulers and powers of the earth to accomplish my purposes, saith the Lord God your Redeemer, and none shall stay my hand.

And I will build up my Kingdom as I have heretofore decreed and made Known through the mouth of mine holy Prophets, do [so] far as they have declared my purposes pertaining thereto ...

And again, it required this Gospel, this Priesthood, this revelation, this unity, this Spirit, to introduce the Kingdom of God, the law of God, the authority and dominion of God, that the will of God might be done on earth as it is done in heaven.

... if they fight against me and my laws, and my Church, and my Kingdom, they shall be overthrown in mine own due time, for I have so decreed. Even so, Amen.

[Manuscript in John Taylor Papers, LDS archives, typed copy, at Marquardt, H. Michael, http://www.xmission.com/~research/central/revel2.htm]

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