120 years ago today - Feb 9, 1902

President Joseph F Smith

Dear Bro

one of our recently returned

missionary from the North Western

States is advicating (sp. advocating) the Doctorn (sp. Doctrine)

that Adam is the very eternal Father

in the Godhead and the Father of

Jesus Christ and that Pres Kelch

so taught the Elders in that mission

I say the Doctorn (sp. Doctrine) is Faulse (sp. false)

and while every Person enjoying

the spirit of the Lord may know

of a Docorin (sp. Doctrine) whether it is true or

Faulce (sp. Fasle); but that they have no right

(Except the President of the Church)

to advance any Doctorn (sp. Doctrine) not clearly

set forth and defined in the written

Law, and in doing so they stand

on dngerious (dangerous) ground, and until

we are able to live up to the reveled

Law in the spirit thereoff (sp. there of). can we hope

to enjoy suficient (sp. sufficient) of the spirit

of the Lord to understand fully

the plan of life and salvation.

as a Bp my position cared

if not where in am I in error. (p. 2)

your answer through the meidim (sp. medium)

of the Juvenil (sp. Juvenile) instructor or

other wise will be greatly apreasiated (sp. appreciated)

by your Brother in the


/s/ Edw Bunker Jr

[Joseph F. Smith "Papers", Feb 9, 1902 Church Archives, Ms/d/1325/Bx 13/fd 13 in Quotations Dealing with the Relationship of Our First Earthly Parents to Our Heavenly Parents (1830-1978)]

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