110 years ago today - Feb 22, 1912; Thursday

Brother Whitney brought to the attention of the Council the manner in which the editors of the Catholic Encyclopedia had distorted the article prepared for him for its columns, which article was fathered or signed by the Rev[erend]. Dean Harris, who accepted it, expressing the hope that it would be published in its entirety, without the crossing of a t, or the dotting of an i, but who, it was learned later, so changed the article as to make it palpably untrue, in some essential particulars, and when pressed for an explanation, Dean Harris, it had been told Brother Whitney by Mr. Geoghegan, claimed that he had to make the changes referred to in order to get it published in the encyclopedia at all. Among other changes made in the article was one to the effect that the three witnesses to the divinity and authenticity of the Book of Mormon had later denied the testimony given by them as published in the frontispiece of the book itself.

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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