65 years ago today - Dec 4, 1956

[David O. McKay]
Brother Petersen inquired as to the subject of the editorial, and I told him that it was an editorial criticizing the President of the United States. He stated that he was amazed. I told him that I was greatly grieved, and that this is the last thing we ought to be doing. I also stated that there is not one constructive thought in the whole editorial. Brother Petersen stated that in a meeting recently, Frank Browning had mentioned that some little criticism ought to be made. =However, Brother Petersen had not taken it seriously as so little was said about it. He was surprised that anyone else had taken it so seriously, and I answered that it was a very unfortunate leading editorial. ... I mentioned further that the President of the United States would be grieved if he read this editorial, and it is possible that somebody will send it to him. I stated that maybe we should sent a note to the President, however, that I would leave the matter in his hands.

[McKay, David O., Office Journal]

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