115 years ago today - Dec 15, 1906

Polygamists and monogamists among General Authorities in 1890, 1900 & 1906-- Salt Lake City, Utah, December 15th, 1906. Senator Reed Smoot, Washington, D.C.

Dear Brother:

We proceed to give you herewith the information as to the General Authorities of the Church, asked for in your telegram of yesterday:

Polygamists in 1890. Monogamists in 1890. Wilford Woodruff John Smith George Q. Cannon Anthon H. Lund Lorenzo Snow Henry Herriman Franklin D. Richards Brigham Young Moses Thatcher Francis M. Lyman John Henry Smith George Teasdale Heber J. Grant John W. Taylor Marriner W. Merrill Abraham H. Cannon Jacob Gates Seymour B. Young C. D. Fjeldsted John Morgan George Reynolds B. H. Roberts William B. Preston Robert T. Burton John R. Winder

NOTE: According to Joseph F. Smith's own testimony in the Smoot Hearings he became a polygamist before 1890. Therefore his name must have been inadvertently left off this list of polygamists for 1890. His name it will be noted does not appear in either column.-JRC

Polygamists in 1900. Monogamists in 1900. Lorenzo Snow John Smith George Q. Cannon Anthon H. Lund Joseph F. Smith Abraham O. Woodruff Brigham Young Rudger Clawson Francis M. Lyman Reed Smoot John Henry Smith J. G. Kimball George Teasdale Rulon S. Wells Heber J. Grant Joseph W. McMurrin John W. Taylor William B. Preston Marriner W. Merrill John R. Winder Matthias F. Cowley Seymour B. Young C. D. Fjeldsted B. H. Roberts George Reynolds Robert T. Burton

Polygamists in 1906. Monogamists in 1906. Joseph F. Smith John R. Winder Francis M. Lyman Anthon H. Lund John Henry Smith George Teasdale Heber J. Grant John Smith Charles W. Penrose Rudger Clawson Seymour B. Young Reed Smoot B. H. Roberts Hyrum M. Smith George Reynolds George A. Smith Robert T. Burton George F. Richards Orson F. Whitney David O. McKay J. G. Kimball Rulon S. Wells Joseph W. McMurrin Charles H. Hart William B. Preston Orrin P. Miller

The balance of the information will follow as soon as it can be ascertained, are now working at it. Yours, etc., GEO. F. GIBBS, Secretary. {Office of The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints}

[Clark, James R., Messages of the First Presidency (6 volumes)]

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