115 years ago today - Dec 4, 1906

[Thomas A. Clawson Diary]
"The Presidents (Sic) Message was read to Congress today and among the items mentioned was "That the Constitution should be amended so that the Government could regulate Divorces and Marriages and that the handling of Polygamy should not be left to the States." Of course this is a very dangerous stand to take because it is lifting one's hand against the people and institutions of the Almighty and the Lord has said he who does it shall not prosper. I fear that this is the beginning of Prest. Roosevelt ['s] decline as a statesman who has heretofore been honored of the Lord but now that he has take [n] up the poplar (Sic) warfare gainst the people and principles of the Gospel, unless he repents he will surely parish (Sic)."

[Diary Excerpts of Thomas A. Clawson, Signature Books Library, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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