155 years ago today - Dec 26, 1866

[Wilford Woodruff]
The subjet of the Endowments & 2d Anointings was presented when President Young said that the order of the 2d anointing was for the persons to be anointed to be cloathed in their Priestly robes the man upon the right hand and wife or wifes upon the left hand. The Administrator may be dressed in his usual Clothing or in his Priestly Robes as he may see fit. The meeting Should be opened by Prayer then the Administrator should Anoint the man A King & Priest unto the Most High God. Then he should Anoint his wife or wives Queens & Priestess unto her husband. There should be but one man anointed at any one meeting. If more than one man is anointed in a day, They should Come together and open by Prayer as though their had not been any meeting before and thus Continue to the End.

Presidet Young said when a woman was Anointed a Queen to a good man and he died & the woman was sealed to another man for time it was not necessary for her to be anointed a Queen again but if she was Anointed a Queen to a man who was not worthy of a wife & she is sealed to another man she should be anointed a Queen unto him. When a good man dies & his wives have not been anointed Queens unto him they may be anointed Queens to him after his death without any Proxey.

In speaking of the Endowments Presidet Young said that all persons who wished strickly to observe the law of the Celestial Marriage Should not get married untill they got their Endowments & are sealed at the Altar. There may be instances whare persons are Aged & infirme and not Able to get to the Endowment House if they have not had their Endowments may be sealed and in some instances I have given this permission & others have taken the advantage of it & urged to be sealed without Coming to the Endowment House....

Some may ask the question why may we not seal & give Endowments abroad? Because it would destroy the object of the gathering. The People Should be gathered at head Quarters whare they Can be taught in the things of the kingdom of God & be under the direction of the Priesthood.

Presidet Young said that when Persons Came to get their Endowments [they] Should be Clean & pure. A man should not touch a woman for 10 days before getting their Endowments. And the Twelve while travelling should hold meetings with the male members as priesthood meetings & teach these [things] but they have to handled in wisdom or Evil will grow out of it.

In speaking of the death of Joseph Smith the prophet President Young said it was necessary for Joseph Smith to Shed his blood seal his Testimony with his blood that his testimony might rest upon all Nations that the wicked might be left without excuse in the day of Gods Judgments upon the wicked. If this had not been the Case he would not have been slain in Carthage jail. He sent away most of the Twelve and a Web was woven which brought about this Event.

The subject of A Sermon Preached by A Lyman and published in the Millennium Star April 5, 1862, in vol 24 was brought up & red & it was found to have done away with the Efficasy of the blood of Christ. Presidt B Young said he wished to know what the Twelve had to say about it For he had a god deal to say about it. When you do away with the blood of the Savior you do away with all the Gospel & plan of Salvation. If this doctrin as Preached by A Lyman & Some by O Pratt be preached & Published as the doctrins of the Church & not Contradicted by us it would not be long before there would be syms in the Church. This doctrin as Preached in this Sermon is fals doctrin. If we do not believe that it was necesary for Christ to Shed his Blood to save the world, whare is our Church? It is nothing. This does not Set well upon my feelings. It is grievious to me to have the Apostles teach fals doctrins. Now if the Twelve will sit down quietly & not Contradict Such doctrin are they justified? No they are not. ...

[Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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