175 years ago today - Sep 7, 1846

[Hosea Stout]
Monday September 7th 1846. Went to see President Young after breakfast and reported what [had] been done which he said was all right and perfectly satisfactory on his part but said for me to use utmost care to keep down any undue excitement from those who did not understand the Laws & ordinances of this kingdom [regarding whipping three boys for "night ramblings" with Wilford Woodruff's new teenage brides.]

I then went with the Marshall over to Hebers camp as we had understood that there was many who were hard against us over there. So we went & got G. W. Langley & W. J. Earl and went round the camp saluting every one friendly that we met & passed off and in an hour or so it was reported that we were after some four or five more to whip and so great was the excitement that some even went in their waggons & was prepared to shoot in case we came

By this means we, as we anticipated, learned who their accomplices in crime were. For of course no one was scared who was not guilty or aiding & abetting those who were and in fact some were in this way detected whom I little would have supposed to be any way engaged in such things. I still kept on the look out all day with some of the police to see that all was going right and saw A. Lyman, W. Richards, W. Woodruff in the mein time and reported to them how matters were going. Brown & Barnum [two of the punished boys] was acting very friendly and said they were going to do better.

[Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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