125 years ago today - Sep 17, 1896

[Anthon H. Lund]
"... went to the Temple. Senator Cannon and Governor Wells went with us. The question about what course [?] the Apostles should take was up and it was decided that we should keep out of politics IW ass urpis[?] sedt ah ear Broc aimous ayt hath ea asa gainsth iss oust al tungt [tingt ?] hec on vent iona ts S [or T?] Louisa ndt hens ayt hath ec o[?]nsid credt hathec ouldn oth avet aken ac onsis tentc oursina noth erw ay. Hed ecla wedh imgelfa Republic an andh esaidt hath ew anteda llw taht I ogot hes amew ay Ac om, mitt een as ap point edt ovisitm es est hat chera nd giveh in thewlt ima turn a foung now uos um. /Det v ar f ore [one?]. slaaeta tvia postlernes buldes kkeg aacn datt nle amP alitik [sic?]. John Henry vars kkeg 'odtt lilfredsm ad dike da hauh erg jortf oram staltsimger till at hjolps hansp Arti. Jos[eph] F. er en Guld [Gold?] man og Geo[rge] Q. C. er for Salv." [or Serlv] [nb. division shows where]

[nb. It is only the latter part of this entry that is written in Danish as shown. The first part makes no seeming sense until it becomes apparent that it is written in English with the syllables broken up non-phonetically and certainly non- grammatically. On card #2 I have interpreted the entry following this apparent device, while a Scandinavian expert in archives has helped me interpret the last portion which, as with the English words, continues to be broken up]

[The interpretation of the entry as transliterated above]

"I was surprised to hear bro[ther] cannon say that he was against his sons bolting the convention at St. Louis and then say that he considered that he could not have taken a consistent course in another way. He declared himself a Republican and he said that he wanted all Utah to go the same way. A committee was appointed to visit Moses Thatcher and give him the ultimatum of our quorum."[At this point the Danish begins; again, the words are separated and the whole very difficult to read. The following is an approximate translation] "It was suggested that we the Apostles should not take part in the talk about politics. John Henry was not well pleased with this because he is inclined [or feels disposed] to help his party, Joseph F, is a gold [en?] [if I am reading it right, the word is "Guld,"or gold] and George Q. C. is for self."

[That same day, Apostle John Henry Smith turned down an invitation to be nominated for congress]

[Diary of Apostle Anthon H. Lund, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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