175 years ago today - Sep 5, 1846

At Wilford Woodruff's request, two young men, Daniel Barnham and Palatire Brown, are whipped with 18 and 23 lashes for "larking" with his teenage brides who he divorced two weeks earlier because of "night ramblings." The young men's families refuse to continue to Utah. A week later Heber C Kimball "spoke upon the fuss made by some persons about those boys being whipped. Some went and hid themselves saying that they would shoot anybody who should undertake to whip them, which he regarded as a pretty sure sign of their guilt. The whipping has been done by order of the council and he would support his brethren in the course they had taken." Brigham Young "spoke very severely upon the course taken by some in undertaking to stir up strife in the camp because some boys had been whipped. . . . He thought the marshall [Hosea Stout] had not whipped them severe enough or they would hold their tongues." Woodruff writes of his two former wives: "Sarah Brown & Caroline Barton who had led them into evil, needed Punishment as well as the young men."

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