190 years ago today - 185 years - Dec 28, 1829

[Oliver Cowdery to Joseph Smith]
... Your great anxiety will probably be to know of the progress of the work in the which we are <<so deeply>> engaged and possibly our souls wellfare all of which Father can make known unto you[.] it may [-] look rather strange to you to find that I have so soon become a printer ...

{Editorial Note:

... Cowdery's letter followed the discovery earlier in the month of Abner Cole's plan to publish extracts from the Book of Mormon in his Palmyra Reflector. Cowdery's mention that Joseph Sr. was planning to go "directly" to Harmony for the purpose of bringing Joseph Jr. to Palmyra/Manchester to settle the matter with Cole... Joseph Sr.'s trip, however, must have been delayed because Cole continued to publish extracts in his paper ...

[Oliver Cowdery to Joseph Smith, 28 December 1829, Joseph Smith Letterbook, 1:4-5, Joseph Smith Papers, LDS Church Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah., as cited in Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents: Oliver Cowdery To Joseph Smith]

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