130 years ago today - Monday, Dec 23, 1889

[Apostle Abraham H. Cannon]
This is the anniversary of the Prophet Joseph Smith's birthday, and has been set apart as a day of fasting and prayer for all the Saints throughout the Church. ... At 10 a.m. met at the Gardo House with Presidents Woodruff, Cannon, and Smith. Apostles John H. Smith, H. J. Grant, and John W. Taylor; Counselors J. W. Young, and D. H. Wells. All but the two latter dressed in their temple robes. We then kneeled down, and commencing with Bro. Wells, each of us prayed until Pres. Woodruff had his turn. Bro. Jos. F. was strongest in his prayer and urged that Baskin should be made blind, deaf and dumb unless he would repent of his wickedness. In this prayer we all kneeled with out faces in.

[Abraham H. Cannon Journal Excerpts, http://www.amazon.com/Apostles-Record-Journals-Abraham-1889-1896/dp/B000MFD1K4]

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