190 years ago today - 185 years - Circa Dec 27, 1829

Hyrum Smith and Oliver Cowdery discover Abner Cole in Grandin's print shop on a Sunday planning to publish extracts from the Book of Mormon . It is decided that Joseph Sr. should go to Harmony to get Joseph Jr. . This event occurred before Cowdery wrote his letter of 28 December , and, at the earliest, on 6 December when Cole set the type for the 9 December issue of the Reflector, in which he promised to publish excerpt from the Book of Mormon. Cole published two issues of his paper before including a Book of Mormon extract (1 Nephi 1:1-2:3) in the 2 January issue. He probably set the type for this issue on Sunday, 27 December, which is the most likely date of his confrontation with Hyrum. Extracts from the Book of Mormon continued to appear in the Reflector on 13 and 22 January 1830.

[Vogel, Dan, Early Mormon Documents, Appendix B: Chronology, 1771-1831, http://amzn.to/T5nY8w]

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