130 years ago today - Dec 3, 1889

[Apostle Heber J. Grant]
I see from the papers rec[eive]d today that there is to be a large hotel built on the corner of Third South and First East Streets. I am sorry that there were not some steps taken by our folks to build a large hotel before those not of our people should occupy the field. It seems to me that we always wait until the field is occupied and then have a hard fight on our hands to regain the ground that we have lost ... I cannot help feeling that we should lead in all things and that under no circumstances should we allow those that are bitterly opposed to us to occupy the ground in any direction that we are capable of occupying. ...

Bro. S.S. Smith this morning brought from La Jara a copy of the Denver News from which we learn that Judge Anderson has decided against naturalizing of any more of our people. He claims that all that have been through the Endowment House have taken on themselves oaths that are not in keeping with a proper feeling towards the Government and that such oaths are treasonable in their nature. His decision is an outrage as there is no oath in the Endowments that is in the slightest degree inconsistent with good citizenship.

[Diary of Heber J. Grant, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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