175 years ago today - Aug 29, 1842

Joseph Smith preaches: "Let the Twelve send all who will support the character of the Prophet, the Lord's anointed, and if all who go will support my character, I prophecy in the name of the Lord Jesus, whose servant I am, that you will prosper in your missions. I have the whole plan of the kingdom before me, and no other person has. And as to all that Orson Pratt, Sidney Rigdon, or George W. Robinson can do to prevent me, I can kick them off my heels, as many as you can name, I know what will become of them." Orson Pratt was distraught over his wife Sara's claim that Joseph had proposed to her while Orson was on a mission. Rigdon and Robinson were upset at Sidney Rigdon's daughter Nancy's claim that Joseph Smith had proposed to her. Former assistant president John C. Bennett had been helping women publish expose' letters describing proposals by Joseph Smith.

Joseph writes in his journal, "I concluded my remarks by saying I have the best of feelings towards my brethren, since this last trouble began, but to the Apostates and enemies, I will give a lashing every opportunity and I will curse them."

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