165 years ago today - Aug 29, 1852

[Hosea Stout]
Sunday 29 Aug 1852. Attended Conference to day. Orson Pratt preached to day on the subject of Polygamy or plurality of wives as believed and practiced by the Latter day Saints.

In the after noon the Revelation on that subject given to Joseph on the 12th of July 1843 was publicly read for the first time to the great joy of the Saints who have looked forward so long and so anxiously for the time to come when we could publickly declare the true and greatest principles of our holy religion and the great things which God has for his people to do in this dispensation

I feel that the work of the Lord will rool forth with a renewed impetus. The nations of the earth will be wakened up to an investigation of the truth of the gospel and the nation that has driven us out of their midst so unjustly and unlawfully will have to again investigate our principals and thousands among them will yet be brought to and understanding of the truth by virtue of this revelation

[This is the first public announcement of previously denied practice of plural marriage. It causeed extensive disaffection among British Mormons.]

[Source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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