180 years ago today - Mar 24, 1844

[Joseph Fielding]
.... our Prophet told us from the stand, by the wall of the partly built [Nauvoo] temple, that a conspiracy was formed by the two Fosters, the Laws, C. Higby, and J. H. Jackson and others against himself and all the Smiths. By some of them it was declared that there should not be one of the Smith family alive in a few weeks. ...

They object to the doctrine of plurality of wives and of gods. I was present when the two [William and Wilson Law] Laws, the wife of William and R. D. Foster, were cut off from the Church. The feeling as to their conduct was very unanimous except that Brother [William] Marks did not raise his hand [to vote] against Sister Law. Their principle charge against Joseph is that he has and seeks to obtain other women or wives and has taught the same to others who have done the same. [A marriage had been considered between Joseph Smith and Jane Law, as well as between Emma Smith and William Law]

As to me, I have evidence enough that Joseph is not fallen. I have seen him after giving as I before said, the origin of Masonry, organize the kingdom of God on the earth and am myself a member of it. ...

[Joseph Fielding, Diary (1843-1846), Church Archives in "They Might Have Known That He Was Not a Fallen Prophet"--The Nauvoo Journal of Joseph Fielding," transcribed and edited by Andrew F. Ehat, BYU Studies 19 (Winter 1979), http://www.boap.org/LDS/Early-Saints/JFielding.html]

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