165 years ago today - Mar 21, 1859

[Wilford Woodruff]
We have an express this morning saying that their is 800 Men on the way from Camp Floyd to Provo, and Levi Stewart reported that their was one Redgment & a Battery ordered to Salt Lake City. If this is true it seems they are determined to have a fuss with this people. They seem determined to provoke a war.

... The fore part of the night was spent with the regency upon the subject of the large dictionary writing in the Deseret Alphabet. It was abandoned & Juvenile works are to be written instead. The latter part of the time was spent in Conversing upon the state of affairs at Camp Floyd & Provo & the sending of troops into our Cities to slay the People. An express Came in saying that the Troops had arived at Lehi.

[Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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