185 years ago today - Nov 16, 1838

[Fanny Algers, first plural wife of Joseph Smith: marriage to Solomon Custer]
"The deceased [Fanny Algers] was united in holy wedlock to Solomon Franklin Custer, in this place, at the old tavern stand, that used to occupy the site of the late Benjamin Cruil's residence in the east part of town, on Nov. 16th, 1838. As the result of this union, she had born to her nine children, two of whom survive her. With the exception of a very short period at two different times, aunt Fannie had made "Dublin her home, since first coming to the settlement; then just forming, away back in the 20's. ..."

"She joined the Universalist church on the evening of the 10th of Octrober, 1874, and until her last, held to that belief. ..."

[Fanny Algers W. Custer obituary found in the Adolphus Barnes Family Bible (also known as the Stephen Barnes Family Bible), http://www.algerclan.org/getperson.php?personID=I135&tree=alger]

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