180 years ago today - Nov 29, 1843 (Wednesday Afternoon)

[Joseph Smith]
said he rose to make a confession, that he used all his influence to prevent the brethren from fighting when mobbed in Missouri. If I did wrong I will not do so any more. It was a suggestion of the head, he would never do so again, but when the Mobs came upon you, kill them; I never will restrain you again but will go and help you. . . . if I do not stand with those who will stand by me in the hour of trouble and danger, without faltering I give you leave to shoot me.

Mayor read the Memorial to Congress--The State rights doctrine are what feed mobs,--they are a dead carcass, a stink and they shall ascend up as a stink offering in the nose of the Almighty.

[The Woodland Institute, http://www.woodlandinstitute.com]

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