70 years ago today - Thu Mar 12, 1953

[David O. McKay Office Journal]
Patriarch Eldred Smith called at the office. Said he does not know where he is at, that he is receiving letters asking why he does not call the patriarchs together and have a meeting. I explained that such a meeting is being called for Conference time, and that it will be under the direction of the Twelve, at which time they will be given instructions. He said he could not understand why he is not the presiding patriarch. I said that is explained in a letter from the Twelve, that his is not an administrative office. The patriarch mentioned that he is told not to give any blessings other than patriarchal blessings here, and yet when he is in the stakes the Brethren will not permit him to do any setting apart or ordaining, but if anybody wants a special blessing they invite him to give it. [Later] The Brethren of the Presidency felt there was no reason why he should not assist in setting apart high councilmen or high priests quorum president, but that he should not ordain bishops or presidents of stakes.

[McKay, David O., Office Journal]

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