135 years ago today - Mar 23, 1888

[Daniel H. Wells] reviewed his experience and views as to the succession of the Presidency at the death of President Brigham Young. After much meditation and prayer he felt that Joseph (F. Smith) was the man and he had felt so ever since and feels so now. He thinks the twelve ought to be abroad and not here playing Presidents and that a Presidency ought now to be organized. He had had his views, but they had been disregarded, and he had felt offended very deeply, but had put up with it as well as he could. ... Brother George Q. Cannon, Brother Wells declared, had quoted that he (Brother Wells) had no right to be nominating his favorites as said by George Q. Cannon, or as only the senior Apostle had a right to say or nominate who should be a candidate as spokesman for the Council of the Church. He inquired to know if John Henry Smith's remarks was a fact or an allegory. Brother Smith replied that it was a fact. Brother Wells reviewed the circumstances connected with the Twelve when they assumed the Presidency after the death of President Young also of his attitude on the case and then that all the good offices were filled by a Lambert or a Cannon. Brother Cannon reminded us that so far from his seeking office he had often declined offices and reminded us of his remarks in the case of John Q. and of Abraham H. when they were presented that he had declined it as far as he felt justified to do so. George Q. Cannon and John Henry Smith testified to the saying of President Young that in his (President Young's) absence John Taylor presided over the Council. ... John W. Taylor said Brother [Erastus] Snow had made statements that were startling to him. His talk was as if he thought we were all sycophants. Brother Erastus disclaimed. President Woodruff felt he wished to speak and yet he felt almost afraid to do so. Brother Snow don't know what he is talking about and I don't believe much that he says. While Brother Cannon is charged with Nepotism. You go to St. George [Utah] and the offices in that region are nearly all filled by his boys. He spoke of his tardiness in meeting, and in all his arrangements. That he often in his preaching was given to chastisement that some people would not go to meeting on that account. Erastus Snow said he accepted President Woodruff's reproof, but desired to remind Brother Woodruff of the qualification which he made in his remarks, in that he desired the apprehensions about his brethren had not taken form in his mind. He said if any of his sons held office, he could say as Brother Cannon said not one of them was nominated by him. Brother Cannon said he was not a jealous man but it seemed as if Brother Snow's remarks on Nepotism and Cycophancy were intended for him but I accept the disclaimer. He declared solemnly that he had exchanged no word with President Woodruff on the subject of organizing a Presidency which President Woodruff confirmed.

[Minutes, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1835-1951, Electronic Edition, 2015]

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