30 years ago today - Mar 4, 1993

A First Presidency letter absolutely excludes the following persons from the possibility of serving full-time missions: "Individuals who have become HIV positive... Persons 19 to 26 who have been divorced... Young men who have encouraged, paid for, or arranged for an abortion resulting from their immoral conduct... Sisters who submit to abortions growing out of their immoral conduct... [anyone who] has fathered or given birth to a child out of wedlock." Persons with "homosexual activity" would be eligible only on these conditions: "if there is no current indication of homosexual tendencies" or if "there is strong evidence of complete repentance and reformation, with at least one year free of transgression."

[The Mormon Hierarchy - Extensions of Power by D. Michael Quinn, [New Mormon History database ( http://bit.ly/NMHdatabase )]]

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