180 years ago today - Mar 9, 1843

William Clayton goes for an afternoon walk with Joseph Smith: "the prophet invited me to walk with him. During our walk he said he had learned that there was a sister back in England to whom I was very much attached. I replied there was, but nothing farther than an attachment such as a brother and sister in the church might rightfully entertain for each other. He then said, 'Why don't you send for her?' I replied, 'In the first place I have no authority to send for her, and if I had, I have not the means to pay expenses.' To this he answered, 'I give you authority to send for her, and I will furnish you the means,' which he did. This was the first time the prophet Joseph talked with me on the subject of plural marriage. He informed me that the doctrine and principle was right in the sight of our Heavenly Father, and that it was a doctrine which pertained to celestial order & glory. After giving me lengthy instructions and information concerning the doctrine of celestial or plural marriage he concluded his remarks by the words, 'It is your privilege to have all the wives you want.'"

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