180 years ago today - Mar 4, 1843

Joseph notes that the battle of Gog and Magog will be after the millennium.

Orrin Porter Rockwell, having been hiding out in Philadelphia, returns to Nauvoo by way of St. Louis. He gets off the steamboat in St. Louis, and while there is recognized and captured. This begins a Missouri prison stay lasting over nine months. During his imprisonment he tries to escape by stripping off his clothes and squeezing up a narrow stovepipe into an unlocked cell on the upper floor. Although he does reach the upper cell, he is so weak that he is unable to open the unlocked door. He climbs back down into the lower cell to regain his strength. When he again attempts this escape method, he passes out in the upper cell and is discovered. He will finally be tried in December of 1843, be sentenced to five minutes in prison (which will last five hours), and then be freed to walk back to Illinois. He reaches Nauvoo, having walked the skin off his feet, on Christmas night, 1843.

[Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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