180 years ago today - Mar 10, 1843

Fifteen-year-old Thomas Morgan says that Orrin Porter Rockwell told him "Joseph had taught that it was right to steal . . . which was the means of drawing Thomas into the practice of stealing." Smith's next remark about his boyhood friend: "conversed much about Porter, wishing the boy well." Another 14-year-old boy is charged brought up on suspicion of stealing but since there is "no positive testimony appearing against him Mayor [Joseph Smith] ordered his father to take him home and try him. If he found the boy guilty to whip him severely." Joseph Smith also "decided that he had no objection to having a brewery put up by Theodore Turley."

Willard Richards sees "a stream of light in the south west quarter of the heavens. The rays of light were in the form of a broadsword with the hilt downward." Joseph Smith comments on this sign: "As sure as there is a God who wits enthroned in the heavens & as sure as he ever spoke to me so sure there will be a speedy & bloody war & the broad sword seen last evening is the sure sign thereof."

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