155 years ago today - Mar 12, 1868

Apostle Orson Pratt tells his legal wife, Sarah, that he will spend equal times with all his wives. She later says the her marriage ended on this day: "I believed, when he decided to enter upon the practice of polygamy, that he did so not from any violence of individual passion, but from sheer fanaticism." Orson told her that he considered it "his duty to take other women besides myself to wife," but that "this would make no difference in his affection for me, which would continue pure and single as it had ever been. . . . By and by he told me that he intended to put these five women on an exact equality with me [by spending] a week with one, a week with another, and so on, and that I should have the sixth week! Then patience forsook me. I told him plainly that I wouldn't endure it. I said, 'If you take five weeks with your other women you can take the sixth with them also.'"

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