150 years ago today - Mar 3, 1873

Patriarchal Blessing of Thomas Chamberlain given by William G. Perkins ... You are of the House of Joseph that shall push the people together ... you will be called and chosen and set apart to preach the Gospel to the seed of Joseph.

... The Chiefs will fall down at your feet to worship you. You will tell them to -"arise, for I am the fellow servant and have come to preach glad tidings of great joy to you-". You will baptise and confirm them into the Kingdom. And such shouts of praises of God and the Lamb, you never witnessed before. Some of them will be changed as white as snow. And through the prayer of faith in the name of the Lord Jesus, they will be changed in the twinkling of an eye. Those will be the happiest days of your life that you ever witnessed upon this earth.

You will have an inheritance in Zion. You will be one of the hundred and forty and four thousand that shall stand upon Mount Zion. You will be blessed with many wives and a large posterity. They will be powerful and great in the Holy Priesthood. And you will go to the Center Stake. There you will do a great and a glorious work in he Temple of God for yourself and your dead. ...

[Patriarchal Blessings]

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