185 years ago today - Mar 23, 1837

Wilford Woodruff describes worship service at the Kirtland Temple: "[T]he congregation took their seats, for the services of the day, in the following order: The house being divided into four parts by veils, the females occupied two parts & the males the others. Some of the presidency presided in each appartment. The time was taken up during the day in each appartment in singing, exortation, & prayer. Some had a tongue, others an interpetation, & all was in order. The power of GOD rested upon the people. The gifts were poured out upon us. Some had the administering of angels & the image of GOD sat upon the countenances of the Saints. At 4 oclock PM the Veils were all rolled up together which brought the whole Congregation in full view of each other and while the presence of the LORD filled the house the congregation of the Saints fell upon their knees & all as one man, vocally poured forth rejoicing, supplication & Prayer, before the God of Israel which Closed the services of the day, after contributing for the support of the poor."

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