175 years ago today - Mar 26, 1847

Young confronted William McCary, a half-African, half-Indian man baptized and ordained by Apostle Orson Hyde in October 1846. "Its nothing to do with the blood for [from] one blood has God made all flesh, we have to repent [to] regain what we av [sic] lost – we av one of the best Elders an African in Lowell." [McCary later that fall marries a number of Mormon women in his own polygamous rites and is subsequently excommunicated. Apparently this is what leads Young to ban all men of African descent from holding the Mormon priesthood.]

[LDS (or related) Documents on Walker Lewis, the Lowell, Mass. Branch of the Mormon Church and its missionaries and members, and the Priesthood Ban against Blacks, Compiled by Connell O'Donovan, http://people.ucsc.edu/~odonovan/Mormon_Chronology.html]

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