160 years ago today - Mar 3, 1862

Utah ratified the 3rd bid for statehood again rejected by the US Congress

An election in Utah ratified this 3rd bid for statehood and elected Brigham Young as Territorial Governor even though Congress had just 4 years earlier replaced Brigham Young.

The US Congress rejected this bid - nonetheless, for 8 years this "phantom" State of Deseret continued to meet after the Territorial legislature adjourned. At the direction of the The Council of 50, this shadow government would meet and vote on and pass the same bills for the renegade Theocratic state of Deseret.

Other historians have asserted that the shadow Government met first, followed by the territorial legislature where nonmembers sat in amazement as the territorial legislature quickly and efficiently proposed and made law with almost total unanimity.

[Ivins, p. 96. "Quest for Empire and the Council of 50", Klaus J. Hansen; Tungate, Mel, Mormon Polygamy, http://www.tungate.com/polygamy.htm]

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