70 years ago today - Mar 16, 1950

[David O. McKay]
Immediately after Council meeting I accompanied President Smith into his office, and laying my coat on the back of a chair,'not stopping to go to my own office first'I presented to him the question submitted regarding the advisability or the necessity of adjusting certain inequities in allowances made the General Authorities, this question having been submitted to the Presidency by the Committee of adjustment of salaries of church employees.

I had in mind the allowance paid to each of the members of the Council of the Twelve, of the Assistants to the Twelve, of the First Council of 70, and of the Presiding Bishopric.

President Smith remembered why certain increases had already been made to the following:

George F. Richards

Joseph Fielding Smith

John A. Widtsoe

Ezra T. Benson

Matthew Cowley of the Twelve, and

Levi Edgar Young

Oscar Kirkham

Milton R. Hunter of the Seventies also

Eldred G. Smith, presiding patriarch

We considered the fact that three 10% increases had been made to the Church employees as an emergency allowance in view of the depreciation of the dollar and the continued high price of clothing and other personal necessities. After due consideration, President Smith said: 'You go right ahead and report back, and suggest to the committee that they consider the entire matter and submit to us their recommendation for an equalizing of the allowances made to General Authorities.'

[David O. McKay Diary, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1910-1951, Privately Published, Salt Lake City, Utah 2010]

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