190 years ago today - Mar 26, 1830

The Book of Mormon is first advertised for sale. 5000 copies are printed and the WAYNE SENTINAL publishes the title page of the Book of Mormon with the announcement: "The above work, containing about 600 pages, large Deuodecimo, is now for sale, wholesale and retail, at the Palmyra Bookstore, by E. B. Grandin." A few days later Joseph Smith gives Oliver Cowdery the brown "seer stone" with which Smith discovered the gold plates (according to Brigham Young) and translated the Book of Mormon into English (according to Smith's wife Emma, Cowdery's wife Elizabeth, Martin Harris, David Whitmer, Hyrum Smith, and William Smith who witnessed the translation process). Smith had previously used this seer stone in his family's quest for enchanted treasure.

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