65 years ago today - Aug 31, 1954

Herbert Salisbury, grandson of Cathrine Smith Salisbury, sister of Joseph Smith, says in an interview, "I was visiting my grandmother at her home in Hancock County, near Fountain Green, when I asked her for some recollections of her brother, the Prophet Joseph Smith. Catherine Smith Salisbury then told me that while dusting up the room where the Prophet had his study she saw a package on the table containing the gold plates on which was engraved the story of the Book of Mormon. She said she hefted those plates and found them very heavy like gold and also rippled her fingers up the edge of the plates and felt that they were separate metal plates and heard the tinkle of sound that they made. . . . the Prophet's sister, told me that she was there when he came in running and burst through the door carrying the plates; and that his hand was injured from striking one of the villains. He told her that he had jumped over a rail fence; when one of the villains grabbed for the plates, he knocked him down with his right fist while carrying the plates under his left arm clasped to his body. Then he ran the gauntlet with several more, and when he came in the house she said he was completely out of breath. She took the plates from him and laid them on the table temporarily, and helped revive him until he got breathing properly, and also examined his hand, and treated it for the bruises on his knuckles, where he had struck the villain and thus defended himself and the plates."

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