110 years ago today - Aug 23, 1909

Two days after the death of former Apostle Moses Thatcher, who had been removed from the Quorum of Apostles, the DESERET NEWS publishes an obituary claiming that Moses Thatcher "lived to acknowledge the justness of the action of his brethren of the Twelve."

Two weeks later Thatcher's son, Moses Thatcher Jr. responds: "There is a wide difference between accepting the decision of that council, and even fulfilling its every requirement, and acknowledging the justice of the decision or the justice of the action of his brethren in the twelve in making the complaint. So far as I understand my father's position, or so far as his family and near friends understand it, he accepted the decision of the high council and complied with its requirements because it was the only thing he could do and retain his membership in the church, and to lose his standing in the church for him was not to be thought of. But the truth of the statement 'he lived to acknowledge the justice of the action of his brethren of the Twelve,' should be denied, for no such acknowledgement was ever made so far as I know or can find out."

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