175 years ago today - Aug 8, 1844

[Brigham Young Journal]
August the 8th 1844 this day is long to be remembered by me, it is the first time I have met with the Church at Nauvoo sence Brs Joseph and Hyrum was kild -- and the occasion on which the church was Cause somewhat painful to me, Br Rigdon had com from Pitsburge to see the Brotherin and find out if they would sustain him as the leader of the saints, I perseved a spirit to hurray business to get a Trustee & Trust and a Presedecy over the Church Priesthood or no Priesthood right or rong & this grevied my hart, now Joseph is gon it seamd as though menny wanted to draw off a party and be leders, but thir cannot be, the church must be one or they are not the Lords; the saints looked as though they had lost.

a frend that was able and willing to councel them in all things in this time of sorrow my hart was fild with compastion, after Br Rigdon had made a long spech to the saints (I should think 5 thousand) I arose and spoke to the people, my hart was swolen with compassion towards them and by the power of the Holy gost even the spirit of the Prophets I was enabled to comfort the harts of the Saints.

in the afternoon a cordaen to my request the people assembld by thousands I lade before them the order of the church and the Power of the Priesthood, after a long and laboras talk of a bout two ours in the open air with the wind blowing, the Church was of one hart and one mind they wanted the twelve to lead the Church as Br Joseph had dun in his day.

Br Rigdon was cauld upon to make som remarks but refused to due so I cauld upon the church to expres their wishes by vote if they wanted Br Rigdon for their President on which moshin Br Rigdon objected and wanted the vote cauld to see if the church wanted the twelve to Be Preside it was don, and the Church with one hart and voice lifted up their hands for the Twelve to Preside & in this meeting the Quorums was organized the high counsel high Priest seventies /Elders &c--&c

[Brigham Young Journal (1801-1877) Journal #2 July, 1837- Mar. 1845]

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