145 years ago today - Aug 3, 1874 (Monday)

An attempt was made by the "Liberal Party" to get possession of the polls of election in Salt Lake City. U.S. Marshal Maxwell and a horde of armed assistants rendered aid. Mayor Daniel H. Wells was mobbed, and considerable rioting done at the City Hall, but the plot proved a failure.

At the general election, Geo. Q. Cannon was re-elected Utah's delegate to Congress. He received 22,260 votes, and Robert N. Baskin, the Liberal candidate, 4,513.

[Governor George L. Woods, a Liberal sympathizer and foe of Mormonism, refuses to issue an election certificate. When Wood's successor, moderate Samuel B. Axtell, issues the certificate to Cannon in early 1875, Baskin immediately protests, charging that Cannon is not an American citizen (he was born in England), is a polygamist, and regards his obligation to the Mormon hierarchy as superior to his allegiance to national law. To support his charges, Baskin obtains the testimony of several prominent anti-polygamy Mormon women, including Heber C. Kimball's granddaughter, Bella Kimball, Emmeline Smith, and Sarah Pratt. In Sarah's deposition she affirms that Cannon had violated the 1862 Morrill Anti-bigamy Law.]

[Jenson, Andrew, Church Chronology]

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