175 years ago today - Tuesday, Jul 30, 1844

Elders W[illard] Richards and Geo[rge] A. Smith met in council with Elder [John] Taylor at his house [a month after Joseph Smith's assassination]. Bishop Geo[rge] Miller and Alexander Badlam wanted them to call together the Council of Fifty and organize the church. They were told that the Council of Fifty was not a church organization, but was composed of members irrespective of their religious faith, and organized for the purpose of consulting on the best manner of obtaining redress of grievances from our enemies, and to devise means to find and locate in some place where we could live in peace; and that the organization of the church belonged to the Priesthood alone.

[Journal History, as quoted in Jedediah S. Rogers (editor), The Council of Fifty: A Documentary History, Signature Books (2014)]

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