110 years ago today - 105 years - Jul 27, 1909; Tuesday

[James Cummings]
I have heard from reliable sources that there is really an investigation going on, to find out who has been taking plural wives contrary to the "manifesto" and the rulings of the church. The quorum of the Apostles are at work on the matter and there seems to be very strong sentiment expressed among them that they intend to take the office from every man who has done so. And there is a statement afloat that they will be cut off the church.

Now, there is something in that course of procedure that I cannot understand clearly. Though I do not sit in judgment on the Authorities of the church for what they are doing in the matter, but I cannot understand why such drastic measures should be employed by them in dealing with the case. If the principle was ever true, it is still true, and there are many who are placed in jeopardy by the investigation, because they have been in that order of marriage for years without infrinting on the "Manifesto" further than to continue living with their plural wives. It looks to me that it is as great a sin to continue living with those wives as it is to take others later, where it has been done with a desire to serve the Lord. Still, I shall not sit in judgment on my leaders, but will wait the results of their labors.

[James D. Cummings, Diary]

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