130 years ago today - Jun 12, 1889

John M. Whitaker writes: "Today also I received a long telegram from brother Carl G. Maeser, Provo, stating that serious charges had been preferred against one of Brother Young's sons, Brigham Young [Jr.] and to come down at once. . . . We went at once to Brother Maeser's home where I was introduced to his charming daughter, and after supper, he took us to Dr. Hamberg's home, the man from whom Brigham had stolen, and here he told us how it all happened: That when Brigham came from the canyon, to his home where he boarded, Brigham secured a key to the cellar, took wine and treated his two young friends, until they were all drunk, and then he entered Mr. Smart's little store, took $20.00, some cigars, perfume and other things; that later he was arrested by the sheriff, and tried to put the blame on others, but was placed under bonds for trial."

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