175 years ago today - Jun 29, 1844

The bodies [of Hyrum & Joseph] are ... removed from the caskets in private, bags of sand are put in their places, and the caskets are closed. A public funeral is held, with W. W. Phelps preaching the sermon. The caskets are buried in a prominent place. Around midnight the coffins containing the real bodies are buried in the basement of the unfinished Nauvoo House. The ground is smoothed over to hide the actual place, and a rainstorm that night helps eradicate the footprints completely. This is all done to prevent the desecration of the bodies by enemies. (In the fall, the bodies were moved and buried side by side near the Mansion. The bodies of Joseph's and Hyrum's deceased children were soon moved to be next to them.) ___

[Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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