165 years ago today - Jul 30, 1858

The power which BRIGHAM holds over his people is almost incomprehensible. They hang upon his lips with reverence and awe, catching and treasuring his lightest word as though it were a pearl of inestimable value. ... He is a man a little above the medium height, somewhat inclined to corpulency, with a dull, bullet-looking sort of a head, sandy complexion, and an exceedingly sensual-looking mouth. When walking in the wind he usually wears a great pair of green goggles. With these upon his nose we would naturally take him for a country schoolmaster, who had wielded the birch years enough to acquire a chronic backache. ...

Elder TAYLOR of New-York, formerly editor of the Mormon, is far his superior in personal appearance and in intellect.

[James W. Simonton, Highly Important From Utah, The New-York Times, 30 July 1858, 1/1â€"6]

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