65 years ago today - Sat Jan 4, 1958

[David O. McKay]
[During meeting with Ernest L. Wilkinson] After the above discussion, we took up the question of Dr. Wilkinson's seeking an appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States. An important phase of such an appointment would be the favorable consideration by Senator Watkins, who, President Wilkinson thinks, is not in favor of such an appointment. Brother Wilkinson also mentioned the request that had been made for him to seek the nomination for Senator in opposition to Senator Watkins. I said, "Well, I shall tell you this much, and only this much: That if they do nominate you for Senatorship, we shall give you a leave of absence from your present position while you run, and let you have your freedom to do as you wish, and you will not lose your position as Presdident of the Brigham Young University."

[McKay, David O., Office Journal]

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