180 years ago today - Jan 20, 1843

President Joseph Smith remarked that as there was not a quorum when Orson Pratt's case came up before that he was still a member'he had not legally been cut off. O. Pratt remarked that he had rather die than go to preach in any other standing than I had before. Joseph'Let him have the same calling that Paul had. ... 'Orson by transgression laid himself liable to have another ordained in his stead.... Young'said all he had against Orson was when he came home he loved his wife better than David. Joseph'She lied about me'I never made the offair which she said I did [Sarah said Joseph proposed to her].'II will not advise you /presumably Orson/ to break up your family /divorse her/'unless it were asked of me. then I would council you to get a bill [?] from your wife and many a virtuous woman'aXnd sire'[?]'a new family but if you do not do it shall (or she'll) xxxxx [forever?] threw it in your teeth.

Joseph 'Orson, I prophesy in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that it will not be 6 months before you leave [have?] things which will make you glad you have not left us.' Prest. Joseph said to Orson Hyde'I can make a swap with Amasa Lyman & let him have the office we were going to give you. XXX Orson, the latter part of your life shall be more joyful than the former'

3 o'clcok adjourned to President Joseph 4 o'clock Orson Pratt, Sarah Marinda Pratt & lydia Granger were baptized in the River ____ [by Prd]'Joseph Smith'and confirmend in the Court Room'Orson received the Priesthood and the same power and x authority as in former days [B Young] [W Richards]

[Minutes, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1835-1951, Electronic Edition, 2015]

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