175 years ago today - Jan 11, 1848

... Talking, of the law made by the High Council, authorizing Bishop and Police to take away the liquor from individuals & let them have their pay. so that none but the Bishops sell liquor. ...

J. Y. [John Young:] Bro Braley I want you to make a statement of things as they are for we have taken this method to have the Brethren, tell instead of challenging them, & trying to prove'

Married a woman in Nauvoo, Rachael Taylor, (after having buried my first wife who was sealed to somebody else as I thought, & after I was adopted, she said she would leave me, but got me another girl to live, Polly Brally, with me, this, P B, other girl took her to the temple, & wanted Brigham to seal us. but he said hurried & would attend to it in the wilderness when we came to the Bluffs she said she meant to be married to a young woman, and the Sprit rested on me & said I should go & get my cattle, & hitch to my waggon & drove to the river & see a wife to be mine in time and all eternity. drove up side of waggon, saw a woman, Sarah Frazier, took my attention more than any other woman in my life, told Brigham I wantd that woman to live with me. he said take care of her. do what you will but take good care of her, she lived with me. & the other woman all the time saying she would leave me, told her not to leave me for she would be exposed, she said never would live with me at all, left me, then brought her back, got over here talked with Brigham, he told me to let her go where she has a mind to, he told me the other woman, might be sealed to me when opportunity presented, read the Peacemaker, & drew the idea that covenants sacred, told Brigham, that the ppl did not like us to live single & be together. Brigham then told me to get married & I was by an Elder who pronounced some kind of a Gentile ceremony

Had an Intercourse with this woman, Sarah Frazier, before married

Polly Brailey, said she would not live with me, and swore to it & this because I welcomed a destitute girl to my waggon

Did Brigham not tell you to go to Mo & take care of Polly as she was big with a child & had no clothes for herself & baby. J C B I never understood Brigham so.

Supposed I was doing right when intercourse with the woman before married

B. L. C. I feel pretty strict about these matters I do not see where Braley has erred so far, only has one woman. Polly was only covenanted to him, so in this one, & if sin with this one, sin with the other hid, if you go to the strictness of the Law. You have a winters work before you. if a man is allowed to have a wife by a Gentile ceremony. why Braley not have that privilege, may be some things in it as I don't see'has only but one at a time.

... B.Y. [Brigham Young:] I conciled Bro Braily, when his wife in Mo & family very poor & gave Braley such a severe lecture thought he would never speak to me, told him to go & get that wife from Mo. & never have anything to do with his present woman, don't believe Bro. Braly capable of taking care of a woman, & he need not bring the present wife to me to get sealed for I wont do it, & unless he takes care of the wife bearing child & make her happy he cannot have another

... B Y. ... Go & try my woman & see if you can make a covenant with her, no man can make a covenant with a woman, if her husband uses her as he ought to.

...J. C. Braley. I will never have intercourse with a woman who is not given to me if I should want 90 years.

Welcome Chapman, moved & Joseph G Hovey That Jos. C Braily be cut off form his standing in the church. carried unanimously. ... B.Y. Brother Lewis, I want you to understand that all business, in the Priesthood done by cutting off, with uplifted hand, you know that sign don't you for the first act of adultery you may forgive a man, but if a man beds with woman & does 10 times, ten times, he guilty

B.Y. Braley not under our control now, well he has one woman the law of the land allows him that Believe you are deserving of the chastisement & receive it kindly be humble affl., if you want to be baptized don't be in a hurry but after you have received chastisment enough & feel so get baptized, a committee go & see Polly Braley & see if she needs help, then Braly see to her.

[Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1835-1951, Electronic Edition, Privately Published, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2015, Appendix 1: Minutes of the Seventies, 1837-1933, Excerpts]

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