145 years ago today - Jan 17, 1878

Apostle George Q. Cannon (special counselor and private secretary to Brigham Young) comments that fellow apostles "felt that the funds of the Church have been used with a freedom not warranted by the authority which he [Brigham Young] held." He also writes in his diary, "Some of my brethren, as I have learned since the death of President Brigham Young, did have feelings concerning his course. They did not approve of it, and felt oppressed, and yet they dare not exhibit their feelings to him, he ruled with so strong and stiff a hand, and they felt that it would be of no use. In a few words, the feeling seemed to be that he transcended the bounds of authority which he legitimately held. I have been greatly surprised to find so much dissatisfaction in such quarters .... Some even feel that in the promulgation of doctrine he took liberties beyond those to which he was legitimately entitled."

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